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Entropia is passionate about helping you achieve your maximum potential. We are committed to delivering quality results that are on time, on budget and on scope. We understand that every engagement is unique and invest time before starting any project to understand your specific needs.  Our 25 years of experience translates into a significant return on your investment of partnering with us.


From initiating strategic programs to serving in interim leadership roles, Entropia’s focus is on results. Our experience, knowledge of factors influencing the global marketplace, and an extensive network allow us to deliver sustainable solutions to your most critical issues.


Whether you are leading self, leading a team, or leading an organization coaching helps leaders become better leaders. Enhancing your leadership skills has a direct impact on your organization’s success.  It is also a proven process to achieve professional goal success.
Sample Engagements: Interim Management, Visioning, Strategy, Alliance Development, Benchmarking, Decision Support

Sample Engagements:  Individual and group coaching


Knowledge is one of your most valuable assets. It is a foundational building block for creating a culture of continuous learning for both individuals and organizations. The process in which you acquire, organize, share, and manage knowledge is essential to achieving the success you desire.


Meetings designed and led by a neutral facilitator allow participants to fully engage in a safe environment. Our inclusive approach ensures that all voices are heard and productive outcomes are achieved when addressing highly sensitive topics, controversial issues, or complex decision making.
Sample engagements:  Professional Development Workshops, Self Study, Program Development, Presentation Creation, Technology Evaluation
Sample engagements:  Meeting Design, Focus Groups, Leadership Team Retreats

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