Why Choose Entropia?

Personalization. Experience. Value. Results.
We are passionate about helping YOU achieve your goals.
We work with you to develop and strengthen skills that will enable you to be more productive and effective, become better leaders, and attain greater work-life balance.
Our fees are comparable to similar firms; however, when you factor in Entropia’s experience, network and efficiency, this translates into a significant ROI for our clients.
Whether working as an integrated member of an existing team, providing turnkey support, or serving as a sounding board, our goal is to provide an end product that ensures sustainable success.

Who We Serve


Identifying and addressing specific areas of development required for enhanced career navigation


Equipping students and faculty with resources to facilitate the transition from academia to the workforce


Leveraging talent for alignment with strategic people development and staffing initiatives

How We Deliver

EPIIC Leadership Development

Entropia custom designs a robust leadership programs based on 5 EPIIC competencies that are aligned with the organization's overall strategy and mission. Whether you are Leading Self, Leading a Team or Leading an Organization, investing in leadership development is essential to ensuring that you remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace

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Personal Branding

Personal branding is a valuable career development strategy for professionals that differentiates you from others by promoting your unique value. This program works with you to craft a brand that best expresses your unique background, talents, professional expertise and personal goals.

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Coaching is the most effective method to achieve maximum success. Individual and group coaching packages are available. The sessions are customized based upon the specific needs identified in an initial consultation. Coaching sessions are conducted in person, by phone or via videoconferencing.

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Workshops and Trainings

The workshops are catered to your specific needs. You can select a single topic or a combination of key competencies. The format ranges from one hour seminar to multiple day workshops. Handouts or other material may also be provided to illustrate or reinforce key concepts.

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