SC09 Executive Director of Boston’s Best Small Company: Dr. Joanne Kamens

She’s the Executive Director of Addgene which was named the Best place to work in Boston for 2016.  After listening to this interview you will undoubtedly understand why.  Dr. Joanne Kamens is a trained scientist who leads the organization by example and creates a culture that values the differences each scientist brings to the table.

She shares her journey from STEM PhD graduate school to her current role and highlights the importance of mentoring and using your networks to identify, prepare for and secure opportunities. There is so much packed into this conversation that you may find yourself rewinding and listening to it multiple times. 

As mentioned on the show:

Her career blogging is at blog.addgene.org Follow on her directly on Twitter @jkamens  People can also follow @Addgene on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (coming soon Instagram)   Her most recent post on diversity in science https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-im-giving-up-joanne-kamens-phd   Mentoring 101 ebook. It is a free pdf and can be downloaded here. It contains a how-to guide for Peer Mentoring http://info.addgene.org/download-addgenes-ebook-mentoring-for-scientists   Management 101 for scientists http://info.addgene.org/download-addgenes-ebook-management-for-scientists

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