Personal Branding

Personal branding is a valuable career development strategy that differentiates you from others by promoting your unique value.  It is the sum of your personality, reputation and past performance.  Entropia works with you to craft a brand that best expresses your unique background, talents, professional expertise and personal goals.

Who Are You?

It is critical that you first know yourself. Start by considering things like your passions, strengths, values, limitations, and learning style. Solicit feedback from others so that you will have a holistic view of your brand. Entropia has an EPIIC Feedback Tool available to assist in your feedback collection stage.
Personal Branding has no grey area and Perception is Reality when it relates to your career.

What is your Target?

Determine the kind of job, role, position and industry that you desire. Conduct thorough research and learn what the decision makers in that field seek out. Identify your competition and determine what attributes differentiate you.

What is your Approach?

Identify WHO, HOW and WHERE you will market your brand. Develop a relevant online, print, or in-person strategy to introduce your brand to your target. Review periodically to ensure brand integrity.