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1Q16 Lunchtime Learning


January 20, 2016: Being SMART with Goal Setting

The start of a new year is often marked with setting goals that we hope to accomplish over the next 12 months. Some of us will be successful at hitting all the marks, while others will fall short of the mark. Setting SMART goals is often the difference that separates those who achieve and those who don't. We will discuss what SMART goals are,  who uses SMART goals and, how to write effective SMART goals.

February 17, 2016  Active vs Passive Networking

Networking is an art form that opens the door to lifelong opportunities.  Whether you need to learn how to build an effective network, or simply want a quick refresher on networking, this webinar is for you.  Join us as we explore active versus passive approaches to networking, including tips for using social media to build effective networks.

March 16, 2016  Negotiating the Best Offer

Negotiation is 'problem solving' and the key to finding the best solution depends on a 6 word phrase:  Know your value, know your worth.  Though many find negotiating an uncomfortable exercise, we will outline simple steps to help identify the 'problem',  assess the perspective of all involved, and propose win-win solutions.