I Understand STEM Because I AM STEM

My ability and capability to provide coaching and training programs are based on experiences gained over the last two decades of training, working, consulting and advising in the chemical enterprise on some of the most challenging issues facing the STEM pipeline and practitioners.

Participated in undergraduate research for four years

-Earned a PhD in Chemistry from a top R1 university

-Navigated from the bench to global strategic planning leadership at one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies

-Elected as youngest president of a national technical professional organization

-Created a leadership development system (team member) for the world’s largest technical professional society


Students, Faculty, Early-Mid Career professionals

The qualities that aid those trained in STEM disciplines thrive in technical environments are often hindrances as they seek to remain competitive in the 21st century workforce. In today’s workforce, being technically competent is not sufficient. Entropia works with individuals to help them better navigate their professions to add value to their organization.


Academia, Corporate, Government, Nonprofit Entities

Employers of STEM graduates realize the value that these individuals bring to their organizations; however, they recognize that these highly trained individuals often lack the soft skills necessary for a successful transition into the workforce. Entropia works with organizations to leverage their scientific talent for maximum productivity. We work with the leaders to develop coaching and training programs that align with the strategic staffing initiatives of the organization.