What’s Your WHY ME?

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why-meWhat is your WHY ME?   Are you experiencing a situation that seems like there is no way for you to possibly be successful?   Maybe you are ready to take that bold step towards your dream but just don’t know where to begin.  Do you ever find yourself observing the progression and success of others who are seemingly doing the same things that you are, but wonder why you are not getting similar results?  Whatever the case, the next time you find yourself asking WHY ME, ask yourself:  What’s Hindering You from Maintaining Excellence?  The solutions to WHY ME are found in 3 main areas:  Skills, Mentoring, and Network.

Do I have the required SKILLS to do what I desire?

If you are not achieving the results and outcomes that you desire, one of the first things to consider is if you have the necessary skills.  You may have read all the books on the subject and may even have earned certifications and degrees, but do you have the practical experience?  Perhaps you are the recognized expert in your area and are technically sound, but are your interpersonal skills keeping you from progressing?  Whatever the case, if you find yourself continually missing the mark, an honest inventory of your skillset, as well as the competency of those skills, will greatly assist you in answering the WHY ME.

Do I have appropriate MENTORS to advise me?

Having a mentor is something that I’ve always had and valued as a part of my personal and professional development.  When you realize that no great person has attained success on his/her own merits, you appreciate that having a mentor can be a valuable asset to achieving your goals.    In fact, most successful people have several mentors– yes, it is perfectly acceptable and advisable to have multiple mentors.   A mentor is someone who teaches us those little nuances about how to best navigate our journey to reach our goals.  She/He not only has knowledge about an area, but provides advice based on her/his experiences in that area.  If you keep running into a brick wall by doing it on your own, then perhaps it’s time to allow someone to help you in identify your WHY ME.

Do I have an established network to support my goals?

Networking is about exchanging information towards building mutually beneficial relationships.   Yes, the emergence of Social Media has provided a new avenue for establishing networks, but please remember that a network is more than a set of names.  It’s great to have 500+ followers on Linked In, FB and Twitter,  but if you do not have some type of relationship established, then all you have is a list of names.  The value of a network is in its access to information–about people, places, and opportunities.  Even though you feel that you don’t have time to network,  you must make networking a priority.  Whether it be having coffee/lunch/appetizers, going to day conferences, or actively participating in online forums related to your field, the important piece is that you are getting to know others, and they are getting to know you.   It doesn’t matter how great your skillset or how much mentoring you receive, having a solid network is probably the most important solution to WHY ME.

What ever the case, the next time you find yourself asking WHY ME, ask yourself:  What’s Hindering You from Maintaining Excellence?

I’d love to hear your WHY ME, and help you find solutions!

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