A Meaningful Challenge to Students

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One of my high school classmates posted this on his Facebook account today.   It was so powerful and timely that I asked him if I could share on Entropia.  These challenges are a foundation for instilling strong leadership principles for students of all ages.  Please read, accept the challenge and share!


DRP14Many challenges have been issued this summer, so I decided to join in. A new school year is starting which makes it the perfect time to do so. Here is my challenge to you.

1. I challenge you to take school seriously. Somewhere in the world, there is a person that is praying for the opportunity that many in the States take for granted.

2. I challenge you to do your best. Half efforts are just a waste of time.

3. I challenge you to go above and beyond the minimum requirements. How about getting ahead of schedule for a change.

4. I challenge you to spend at least 2 hours per evening studying. Sometimes discipline is more important that “smarts”. The person that can discipline himself goes a lot farther than the person who just relies on natural ability.

5. I challenge you to work on your behavior. Behavior and the ability to communicate is often more valuable than having a 4.0 The well behaved person will have twice as many opportunities over the person who just has good grades.

6. Finally, I challenge you to pray. Believe in God who is greater than you and is an excellent sounding board for all that troubles you.

This is my challenge. I hope you accept.

Delon Powell is an HBCU graduate (Morehouse College), a former Military Officer, Iraq veteran, current Administrator, and proud father. He considers himself a regular dad who is genuinely interested in the well being of his children and others. Delon consistently looks for opportunities for self-improvement and encourages others to do the same.

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  1. I love this challenge! Especially coming from a young African American man who can positively influence African American male students.

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