Stung by a WASP!

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redwaspMy tolerance for pain is pretty high. However, this morning as I was doing stretches on my parents’ porch and taking in the crisp Mississippi morning air, I was stung by a wasp. The sting was so intense that it literally sent me to my knees! Who knew that such a tiny insect could cause so much instant discomfort. The first thing I did was scream out to my Daddy for help. He came, provided first aid and told me that I was going to be OK.

What a way to start a Wednesday. The initial pain is gone, but hours later it’s still sore. As I began to reflect on my traumatic experience (though my Daddy would say more like dramatic :-), it reminded me of how similar this situation is to experiences we encounter in career and entrepreneurial pursuits. We can be going along minding our own business then out of nowhere we are hit with an unexpected sting.

The sting may be that crucial conversation that you have to have at your job, the loss of a major client contract, or perhaps it’s simply that gut feeling that is telling you it’s time for a change. Whatever the sting, here is what I learned from my wasp bite experience:

1. There is always the possibility and potential for an unexpected hiccup regardless of how well things are going and how bright the path. This is not meant to be a doom and gloom prediction—but a reminder to always be prepared to expect the unexpected.
2. When you experience a painful or uncomfortable situation, seek assistance. You do not have to suffer in silence. There are too many people in your network that are capable and willing to lend advice and support—but you must ask.
3. It’s only temporary discomfort—trust me, it really is. In the moment of impact it seemed impossible to recover, but I got over it and was back in action in no time.

The soreness lingers, and that’s OK. It serves as a reminder of a lesson learned and life principle: Through every painful situation endured, there will always be gain. That sting was a cause for pause and gave me a chance to truly evaluate what happened and inspired this blog!

So…what about you? Have you been stung by anything lately? If so, what gain will you attain from the pain?

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