10 Signs You May Need A Coach

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All of us could use coaching at some point in our career.  There is a common misconception that coaching is only for high level management or those people who are experiencing performance issues on the job.  However, people who utilize coaching as a tool for growth and development often realize significantly greater success and fulfillment in their career.   If you are not sure if coaching is for you,  see how many of the the items below you can identify!

You Might Need a Professional Development Coach If:

1. You are ready for a change in your professional life but not sure how to begin.

2. You have talents or skills that are being underutilized.

top-103. You are ready and willing to confront your own behaviors that are holding you back.

4. You are open to new ways of looking at an old problem.

5. You would benefit from having someone help you focus and hold you accountable.

6. You have a desire to invest time, energy and resources in your development.

7.  You need a sounding board before making a big decision.

8.  You need help presenting yourself in a way that shows your ability and potential.

9.  Your working style is often misunderstood by your peers and management.

10.  You have been trying to do the SELF-HELP method but are seeing NO results.


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