Scientific Method for Career Success

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If you’ve followed my blogs, you know that I am a scientist by training. Even though I am not a practicing chemist,  I like to use science terms and concepts to relate to everyday situations.  Today is one of those instances.  Do you remember learning about the SCIENTIFIC METHOD grade school science class?

In case you need a refresher, simply stated, the scientific method is a series of 5 steps to help figure something out.  The figure to the right lists the steps in the process.    I use this method quite often and you probably do too; although you probably don’t refer to it as the scientific method.  You probably just call it trial and error.01_Sci_method_Chart

Have you ever considered using the Scientific Method as a tool to guide your career success?  I’ll provide a generic example below, but I encourage you to think about your own situation apply the method.


Today’s workforce is extremely competitive.  A college degree does not guarantee you employment, and length of service in a position does not dictate promotion.


In order to secure the position that I desire, it will require focus goals,  sharpening my professional development skills and becoming more savvy in navigating the workplace culture.


I will use a professional development coach for a minimum of 3 months to help sort through my thoughts and achieve my goals.


Improved clarity surrounding [personal or professional] mission and vision; Enhanced confidence and leadership presence; Increased inter- and intra- personal effectiveness; Development of new skill sets; Enhanced thinking and decision making skills


Coaching is a process that enabled me to realize my full potential.  While I typically have relied on self help books and mentors, the use of a dedicated coached aided me in attaining my goals in a much more efficient and effective manner.  The benefit of having real-time feedback on the areas that I was developing contributed to my overall self confidence and preparation for the next level in my career.



What Are Your Thoughts?