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ratingsThis week, rather than introduce a new topic, I decided to share 5 of my favorite posts since I began my blogging journey. I chose to do this for two main reasons: 1.) I believe in taking a break from the routine and evaluating the status of any activity. This allows an opportunity to assess what is going well, what areas need improvement, and make any necessary adjustments. 2.) Entropia’s readership has increased significantly since I started blogging. Never undervalue the practice of reintroducing material to your audience. It may not be new, but it’s new to you if you’ve never read them. Besides, you typically gather a different fact or perspective each time you reread something.

After reviewing and rating each of  my blogs since August, the top 5 on the list are:

1.  WHY ME?  What’s Hindering You from Maintaining Excellence?  Is it your Skills?  Do you need a mentor?  Have you established the right network?

2.  Something NEW  Let 2013 be your year to LEARN Something NEW,  DO Something NEW and MEET Someone NEW

3.  Realistic and Ready Don’t miss out on an opportunity because you are not prepared.  If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready

4.  Have you heard of PATCOL  “My dear, always remember PATCOL™.   Always value that People Are The Currency Of Life”.

5.  What Does Your Yes Mean? If you never say ‘no’, what does your ‘yes’ really mean?

I’d love to hear your feedback on the blogs.  You can leave a comment below, or on Entropia’s Facebook page.



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