Are you a Hoarder?

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Maybe not in sense of your home or office, but what if you considered your brain as a space susceptible to hoarding ?  hoarding-7-300x258 Would you be more careful about what you brought in and retained?   We spend a lot of time and energy on gaining knowledge and experience; but I think it is equally important that we routinely purge those things that are simply adding cluttering to your brain space . Besides, you must eliminate some of the stuff you have been carrying and storing up, so that you have room for your NEW (see last weeks blog Something NEW) .

What are you willing to get rid of from your space for the sake of gain?   For starters, I recommend the following:


Clear out  Negativity

Can’t never could do anything, so clearing out negative thoughts is a top priority.    There really is truth to the power of positive thinking.  It does take concerted efforts; however, become intentional about eliminating negative thoughts or even the urge to speak negative  about people, places or things that you encounter throughout the day.  When you are able to find a positive in every situation–whether rewarding or disappointing–you will discover a much more promising outlook and approach to addressing any situation you face.  Remember, the adage is true:  If you can’t find something positive to say, don’t say anything at all.

Remove Duplication

Though a widely shared sentiment that imitation is the highest form of flattery, there really is no need to have duplicates or triplicates of everything–including people.   Your talents and abilities are unique to you, so why occupy valuable brain space constantly trying to remember and copy the style of others?   There are things that you can do better than anyone else and can only be appreciated when exhibited by you.     There is nothing wrong with learning from others, but when you eliminate the tendency to simply duplicate the actions of others,  you can then utilize that freed space to learn skills that will perfect your unique abilities.   As you do this, you may also eliminate frustration brought on when you do not get the same results as those that you are imitating.  Focus on using that space to create an original masterpiece that is recognized for the value you bring.

Throw Out Excuses

One of the most memorable poem from my college years stated:  “excuses are tools of incompetence; they build monuments of nothingness and those who specialize in them are seldom good at anything else.”   Excuses are probably the largest occupant in our brain space, so it’s understandable that this may be the hardest to do room to clear.   Some of us have amassed what seems like lasting excuse statues.  But nothing created by us is permanent, so even those excuses that you’ve spent years perfecting–the excuses of why you are not progressing, why you are too old/too young to realize your dream, and why you you don’t have the time to do it right now–yes all of those, have to be tossed out as well.    Be prepared to reclaim a vast amount of space when you begin to throw out the excuses.  It’ll be just like having a empty room to do what you’ve always dreamed!

It may seem strange to compare your brain to a hoarding space; but I’m sure you agree that there is simply not enough room for the clutter and there is a much better use for your brain space.   Once you clear out negativity, remove unnecessary duplication and throw out the desire and practice of offering excuses for your behaviors, your inactivity or your lot in life,  you will gain a freedom  and space to explore a world of NEWness and opportunity.

What Are Your Thoughts?