A’s and B’s

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Have you ever had one of those days when everything went well?  From the moment you get out of bed, you have this feeling that it’s going to be a Lovely Day!  As you go throughout the day, nothing seems to get you off kilter.  Regardless of how bad the morning commute, you remain upbeat while attending that boring meeting.  When your computer suddenly shuts down in the middle of  writing an important email, you can laugh it off and start afresh.  Oh, and when you realize that you forgot your favorite lunch that you spent 20 minutes preparing, you just take it as an opportunity to try out that new Indian restaurant that everyone has been talking about.

All these things are related to your attitude, and your attitude influences your behaviour. Now, how does your attitude and behaviour affect others?  My friends and family tell me that I should use more pictures to tell my stories.  So, rather than write two more paragraphs about how your attitude affects others’ behaviour, I’ll just use this picture:


People are under a lot of stress these days in our work (and home) environments.  Just because someone is having a bad day at the office, doesn’t mean that it  has to rub off on you.  When you realize that someone’s behaviour is causing you to have a negative attitude, you should stop for a moment and recognize the cycle.  Do not let their behaviour cause you to have a negative attitude which in turn causes you to make bad behavioural actions.


Your ATTITUDE is how you feel;  Your BEHAVIOUR is what you do.

Your ATTITUDE affects your outlook; Your BEHAVIOUR determines your  outcome.


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