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Keep Calm and Carry On.  We see this catchphrase or some variation on posters everywhere.  They have become very popular in the mainstream, but few know the history.    This particular one, though never officially published, was 1 of 3 morale boosting posters designed by the British Government that would be displayed across the British Isles during the testing times that lay ahead of the Second World War.

It was to be a constant reminder to all those who saw it that, regardless of the chaotic and uncertain events unfolding around them,  that they should maintain their composure and continue with their normal routines.  I think this was a great publicity effort because those five little words would serve as a boost of encouragement in otherwise dismal situations.

As you reflect on the events of the past year, you will have lessons learned and successes to celebrate.  You may even have some unfinished business.  If that’s the case, don’t become discouraged or succumb to leaving that goal unmet.  There are still 5 days left in 2012 which means that there is still time to accomplish those goals set forth at the beginning of the year.  So for this, I say to you:


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