One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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“Hello, Maintenance? Problem: What I bring to the table doesn’t fit on the table”

Does this scene look familiar?  Maybe you know someone who has been in this situation, or perhaps you have found yourself saying this.

When I saw this cartoon, it reminded me of people I’ve encountered with unrealistic expectations as they started a new role.  It didn’t matter if they were a new college graduate or a mid careerer starting a position at a new company.  One key factor often underestimated when they move into a new environment, is that there are also new rules.

It doesn’t matter if you were at the top of your class or the superstar employee at a previous position,  your credibility will have to be established before you will be fully accepted into the new culture.  You must learn those ‘unwritten rules’,  and adapt your skills to what’s deemed acceptable.

You may bring a variety of talents to the table; however, that doesn’t mean that you should display them all at once.   It also doesn’t mean that everything you bring will be desirable in this new environment.

Make sure that you take the time to learn about your new culture.  As you become more acclimated, you will develop the skill of  managing your talents and resources.

Just like those one size fit all hats don’t really fit everyone’s head, all of the skills and talents that you possess may not fit on your new table.

Your skills ARE valuable, or you wouldn’t have landed that new role.   Just remember, don’t spread them all out on the table until you are sure how they are valued in your new culture.

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