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One of the hallmarks of successful people is that, no matter what the subject area, they can always hold intelligent, well-informed conversations.

Have you ever wondered why and how they are able to stay abreast of the current political, economical, and social events?  Most people struggle to keep up with their local community happenings–let alone events happening on a global scale.  So, how are they able to master this skill?

I’ve learned that even if you do not have time to read an entire newspaper, it’s a good practice to at least do a daily perusal of the headlines.  Most of us are on the internet at least 2 hours per day on Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, etc.

If you redirect at least 30 minutes of that time to a news website, after one week, you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

Sidenote:  Read with a dictionary.  If you come across a word that you can pronounce, but don’t know the meaning, then you just may be missing the essence of the story!

Why is this important?   Believe it or not, you can gain a competitive edge by keeping up with what’s going on in the world.  You never know when you will stumble across a nugget of information that could benefit you, your business, or even someone in your network.  Just this past weekend, I was watching an interview and got an idea for a new strategy to implement for my business.

We spend a lot of time, money and energy looking for ways to sharpen our personal and/or professional skills, when an easy and inexpensive option is available right at our fingertips.

Yes, the old adage is true:   Reading is Fundamental!

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