It’s Time to Make Some Butter

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Two little mice fell in a bucket of milk.  They swam around for awhile because it was something new and fun.   After a while, the first mouse became tired, quit swimming, and eventually drowned.  The second mouse also became tired and stopped.  However, she soon realized that if she didn’t do something differently than her friend, she would suffer the same fate.

Though she was tired, she fought through her weariness, swam harder, made bigger splashes, and something unexpected happened.   Each motion churned the milk. Eventually the milk turned into butter particles that she used as stepping stones to crawl out of the milk.

I can definitely relate to the second mouse.  Giving up has never been an option.

Becoming successful at anything, be it a life or work goal, requires work.  It may be necessary to stop and evaluate your surroundings, but you must not stop.  Keep it moving,  make it happen, and create the stepping stones to your next level.  Standing still and doing nothing will cause you to sink and eventually drown.

You  also can’t allow others’ inaction to influence your outcome.  Just because someone failed at doing something similar to you doesn’t mean that you have to fail as well.   Instead, you should learn from their mistakes, then make the necessary adjustments based on your abilities and resources.

Everything’s better with a little butter…Let’s get to churning!

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