Words for the Weekend

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This has been a fabulous week!  I’ve spent quality time with my family and friends, worked with some great clients,  added to my network, and learned new tools to improve my business.   I’ve also come across some great quotes that I’ve added to my journal and will reflect on them over the weekend.

There were two that I particularly connected to my days of mentoring and working with entrepreneurs:

Never avoid the process…. The process prepares you, equips you, and enables you to stand when times get rough. The same pressure that bursts pipes turns carbon into diamonds… Never avoid the process“. –DRP

It’s quite common for budding entrepreneurs to want to see instant results; but sustainable success is usually the result of  a proven set of repeatable steps.

To be truly prepared for something, one must expect it.  One cannot be prepared for something, while secretly believing it will not happen“– Nelson Mandela

More often than not,  there have been budding entrepreneurs who’ve put in all the work and preparation for moving to the next level, but become stymied by their own fear of succeeding.

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers who realize that there are no short cuts to sustainable success.  They put in the preparations and believe that they will be successful.

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that we live these quotes daily.  If you aspire to join us, don’t be intimidated, just take heed:  it ain’t easy, but it’s tons of fun!

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