Busy Signals

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Remember back in the day if you called someone and they were on the phone, you’d get a busy signal?    That meant that the person you were trying to reach was unavailable.

It was frustrating to get those annoying buzzes, especially  if you really needed to get in touch with that person.  So what did we do?  We’d hang up and dial again as quickly as possible.

Let’s not forget that we didn’t have  touch tone or a redial button, so it took skill to do rotary dialing– with full rotation– or else you’d have to start over.   Even if you had to take a break, you went back and kept trying until you finally got your call to go through.

Today’ s blog  is short and simple:

The Busy Signals are akin to any deterrents that keep us from reaching an objective or finishing a project on the first attempt.   Sometimes it takes two, three or more tries to get it done;   but just keep trying and then try again if necessary.   It’s even OK if you have to step away, take a break and sharpen some of your skills.

Whatever it takes,  DON’T GIVE UP until you make the connection and accomplish the task at hand.

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