Have you heard of PATCOL™?

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I’ve been thinking about the various relationships that I have established over my life.   As I reflect on all of these relationships, I am reminded of one of the most memorable life lessons that one of my mentors shared with me.  He often speaks in proverbs so when he said:  “My dear, always remember PATCOL™.   Always value that People Are The Currency Of Life”.

Just as currency is a treasured commodity needed to satisfy our wants and needs, the same is true for the people in our lives.  I’m not suggesting that we use people as expendable resources, but I do believe that healthy relationships are vital to our personal and professional well-being.

My mentor  believes in this philosophy so much so that it is the cornerstone of all his businesses.  He taught me that developing long term positive relationships with diverse individuals will help me succeed both personally and professionally.  I have always believed in having a solid network, and PATCOL reinforced that belief.  With this approach to network building,  it’s not just about who you know, but also who knows you.

I’ll never forget the first time he shared this with me.  Initially, I didn’t fully appreciate the meaning of the phrase nor the significance that it held.  Over the years, I have grown to have a deeper understanding and embrace this profound, yet simple philosophy.  To me, PATCOL™ means:

  • Understanding and accepting the uniqueness of  others
  • Seeking synergies that will take me higher
  • Giving AND Receiving honest feedback even if it’s unsolicited
  • Celebrating in others’ successes and encouraging them to find a silver lining in setbacks
  • Being available even when you don’t think you have time

My mentor shared PATCOL with me, and it has had a lasting impact life.  I now pass it forward to my readers, and challenge you to reflect on PATCOL and what it means to you.


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