What’s Entropia?

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I’m asked this question quite often about my company’s name.  I’m a chemist by training and very simply stated, Entropia [Italian word for entropy] is a term used to measure levels of randomness or disorder in a system.  In other words, it’s chaos!

Did you know that things in nature actually prefer to exist in a state of chaos?   Disorder is everywhere!  The disheveled papers on your desk, the toys sprawled across the floor, or even those million dollar ideas swirling in your brain are just a few examples of entropy in action.  While it may be natural for things to exist in a chaotic state, we don’t always appreciate this principle of the 2nd law of thermodynamics when it comes to our work lives and careers.  In those instances, we’d much rather that things were decent and in order.

But I’m sure you realize that it takes energy to make things ordered.   I mean, those papers are not going to automatically stack themselves and those toys are not going to magically find their way into the toy box.  If you want order, then you must apply energy.   You have to physically do something to make those things happen, so why should you expect any differently for your career?

Think about this.  I’m sure that many of you, like me, have been following the Olympic Games of 2012.  I have been in awe and utter amazement at the level of discipline and dedication that these young athletes possess. They have endured obstacles, challenges, and probably more disappointments than we could ever imagine.  Yet these Olympians have invested countless hours and energy into training to ensure that they are in the best condition possible to win the coveted Gold medal.

What type of energy do you need in order to overcome your entropic situations and achieve success?

Maybe it’s the type of energy that makes you register for a new professional development class, or updating your resume so you can apply for that new job.   Maybe it’s finding and hiring a coach to help you achieve your goals.  Or maybe, as is more common these days, your situation is so chaotic, that the energy you need is simply r-e-s-t.

Even if your situation is fairly ordered, you can always take it to the next level.   Remember, the more effort and energy applied, the greater the outcome!

The bottom line is this:  producing order out of chaos involves a change in the system, and this change can only be achieved by expending energy.

So, how much energy are you willing to invest?

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